We inspire and empower others to achieve their dreams.

The purpose of the Rising Tide Initiative is to be a leader and supporter of new ideas, ventures, and creations that will ultimately better the lives of those around us. We collaborate with individuals and organizations to change the world by increasing social and economic prosperity within our local communities.

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We leverage all aspects of the community to build a bridge across the “valley of death” by providing resources, opportunities, and connections enabling the entrepreneur and startup to become successful and scalable.


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Join us at Happy Hour.

(1st/3rd Thursdays at 5:00PM)
5049 Edwards Ranch Rd,
Fort Worth TX 76109


“A rising tide doesn't raise people who don't have a boat. We have to build the boat for them. We have to give them the basic infrastructure to rise with the tide.”

Rahul Gandhi

Rising Tide Initiative

The Rising Tide Initiative draws inspiration from the quote John F. Kennedy often repeated, "A rising tide lifts all boats." We approach new participants with an open, collaborative attitude. We promote "Collaboration," "Yes, And" and "Connectedness."

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